Dr Phil’s Sponsored Walk and PTK Hospital Ward Project

Dr Philomina Karthigesalingam’s has successfully completed her sponsored walk on 29th June and managed to raise nearly £6000 including gift aid.  This is a massive achievement by the consultant and should be applauded by all of us.  I would like to express our gratitude to Dr Phil on behalf of Assist RR and people of PTK for her selfless effort towards assisting our people affected by the war.  Dr Phil’s hard walk gave us the confidence that we can start thinking about the first floor ward that was needed to be built at PTK hospital on top of the ground floor ward that was built by Assist RR (please see attached photos). Assist RR also made a specific appeal for building the first floor ward on 26 June 2014. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF) responded positively and made an appeal amongst their friends and families.  They have received nearly £12,000 so far.  The construction work is now starting on Monday, 21st July, and expected to be completed by 20th Sept.

    DSC02856   PTK Ward 02

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