Fund raising at the IMHO USA dinner in Atlanta

International Medical Health Organisation (IMHO) USA held their annual dinner on 17 June 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  IMHO USA invited Assist RR to present the needs of Sampoor IDPs at the dinner. Chairman of Assist RR attended the dinner and made a presentation on Sampoor needs. The dinner was well attended by USA Tamil Diaspora. Highlight of the dinner was an American auction of a silk saree. It was mentioned that the proceeds will go towards Sampoor and other projects in Sri Lanka. Assist RR have conducted similar auctions in the UK and, in one occasion, we managed to raise  £1200. But this auction was an unbelievable event. At the end of the auction, they raised $110,000 for good causes. It was really amazing that people from the USA were willing to donate this amount of monies to the needy in Sri Lanka. Assist RR salute their generosity and kindness and wish to express its gratitude on behalf of the needy in Sri Lanka. Using the funds raised at the dinner, IMHO USA has agreed to donate $50,000 towards building 60 shelters and $18,500 towards 5 sets of fishing boats to Sampoor fishermen families. Assist RR would like to thank IMHO USA for their continued support to the needy people in Sampoor. IMHO USA has already funded 59 shelters, 50 toilets, and 5 sets of fishing boats, engines, and fishing nets, and other projects. The total funding from the IMHO USA so far is around $100,000 excluding the funds raised at the dinner. Please watch the living conditions in Sampoor by clicking the link below:

Living conditions in Sampoor following Resettlement in 2016

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