An Update on Resettlement of Sampoor IDPs

Assist RR made an appeal in Feb 2017 seeking more support towards the resettlement of Sampoor IDPs. As a result, Assist RR has now constructed 50 more shelters and are currently constructing another 10 shelters. Donors who generously contributed to these shelters are: IMHO USA – 23; IMHO Canada – 30; A Tamil from USA – 3, Tamils from Singapore – 3; A Tamil from UK – 1. Since the start of resettlement of Sampoor IDPs in Sept 2015, Assist RR, with the support of many Diaspora organisations and kind hearted individuals from around the globe, has managed to build 161 permanent toilets and 180 semi-permanent shelters. IMHO USA has pledged funds to construct another 60 shelters. IMHO USA also donated funds to assist fishermen families by providing five sets of fishing boats, engines, and nets at a cost of Rs 550,000 per set. These were handed over at a ceremony on 25 June 2017. Treasurer of IMHO USA, Mr Murali Ramalingam, participated at this event and handed over these items. IMHO USA has also agreed to fund five more sets of fishing equipment.  There is still need for more shelters in Sampoor. The cost of a shelter is only £600. Please assist these unfortunate families, who are struggling without a decent shelter even after 2 years of resettlement. Please see photos below. You can also watch a youtube link, which shows the living condition of a widow: Living Conditions in Sampoor after their Resettlement. We would like to express our gratitude to IMHO USA, IMHO Canada, and Diaspora Tamils from the USA, Singapore, and the UK for their kind support in assisting the IDP families in Sampoor. We also would like to thank Assist RR SL’s President Eng Henry Amalraj and Treasurer Eng Nalliah Sriskandarajah for their selfless services to the victims of war in the north and east. 

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