Penney family’s visit to East and North of Sri Lanka – A Report

Solihull Junior School Head Master, Mr Mark Penney, and his family spent a week (between 22/10 – 29/10) with AssistRR volunteers in the north and east of Sri Lanka during their half term holiday. They covered a lot of grounds from Amaparai to Pandatharippu (north western corner of Jaffna peninsula) including Vavuniya and Mankulam during a 6-day tour. Based on their whirlwind tour, Mr Penney has written a report, which is given in this link, Penney family visit to the North & East of Sri Lanka-October 2019-2. You can recall that he raised nearly £50k in the UK and USA to provide fishing boats to families who were affected by the war. 10 of these boats were donated during their recent visit and they met many beneficiary families who received boats in April 2019. Please kindly read his report that is very informative and an eye opener. Thousands of families are still struggling to feed themselves.

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