Assistance to Daily Wageworkers During the Current Crisis

Sri Lanka has been under curfew for the past 10 days due to Coronavirus pandemic. Many families, which depend on daily wageworkers, have been struggling to feed themselves due to their inability to work. Although the government has promised to provide assistance to these families, it hasn’t reached the affected families yet. We have been approached to provide some emergency relief to these families so that they can survive during this crisis. There are nearly 2000 families in Nedunkerni Divisional Secretary (DS) division in Vavuniya district that depend on daily wages. AssistRR agreed to assist and have already distributed dry rations worth Rs 1000.00 that would last for a week to 500 families in Nedunkerni DS division. I personally visited 3 villages during the curfew with the assistance of the Divisional Secretary Mr Prathaban and saw first-hand of the distribution on 26th March. The system is working very well. The Divisional Secretaries have already collated lists of beneficiaries, who require this assistance. IMHO USA and Anbalayam Australia have also come forward to assist another 500 families each. Some of my classmates from Hartley College are also assisting another 500 families. We are therefore providing assistance to 2000 affected families in Nedunkerni DS Division in partnership with likeminded organisations and individuals. However, this is a problem faced by all families, which depends on daily wageworkers, all over Sri Lanka. With your support, we can assist many more families. AssistRR would implement this assistance with the support of Divisional Secretaries. Please kindly consider.

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