Solihull Junior School Head’s visit to Northern Sri Lanka

Mr Mark Penney, Head of Solihull Junior School, and his family spent 4 days of their precious holiday time in Sri Lanka on visiting the North and seeing the difficult living conditions of the war affected families. It reminds me of a recent speech by Jaffna High Court Judge Mr Illanchelian, who suggested that the Diaspora Tamils touring the North should spend sometime visiting areas badly affected by the war and in need of assistance. This is what exactly Mr Penney’s family did during their family holiday in Sri Lanka. Mr Penney has written a letter to friends of Assist RR and his school community and made a video montage based on his visit to the north. The letter and and the vide montage are provided in the links below. Please kindly read his letter and watch the video montage, which try to paint a picture of the current conditions in the north after 7 years of the end of the war. This is an independent and unbiased view of a kind hearted and charity minded person from the UK. I hope all of you will agree with his views and his recommendations. Please kindly forward this to your friends and family so that this will reach as many Diaspora Tamils as possible.

A Letter by Mr Penney to Assist RR’s friends on his visit to the north of Sri Lanka

A Video Montage made by Mr Penney on his visit to the North of Sri Lanka

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