23112 Free Cataract Surgeries in Sri Lanka in 2023

Alaka Foundation from Malaysia started funding cataract surgeries in Sri Lanka through Assist RR from January 2023. Alaka Foundation’s funds have allowed Assist RR to fund 7099 surgeries up to May 2023 covering 20 districts.  Buoyed by this success, which has changed the lives of so many for the good, Alaka Foundation have introduced another philanthropist (Ananda Foundation) from Malaysia, who has also come forward to fund more surgeries in Sri Lanka. This philanthropy, implemented by Assist RR, has been offering an unprecedented country-wide solution to prevent avoidable blindness for Sri Lanka’s poorest people – whoever and wherever they be.  

Alaka and Ananda foundations have funded another $400k towards more surgeries since May 2023. In total, Alaka and Ananda foundations have now donated USD 550k (LKR 180 Million) between January and December 2023. This funding enabled 23,112 free surgeries to be carried out in 26 hospitals and helped these 23,112 people to regain their eye sight and to lead independent lives with dignity. These people have no alternative means of saving their sight. Northern Province, looked after mainly by Consultant Eye Surgeon, Dr M Malaravan, benefitted the most from this project (8639 surgeries). 6900 of these 8639 free surgeries were conducted at Jaffna TH and the rest 1741 were carried out in Vavuniya. 3772 patients received free surgeries at Colombo National Eye Hospital through this project. A table of hospitals with the number of beneficiaries is provided in this link: Table of Hospitals and Number of Beneficiaries in 2023 & Map Showing the Hospitals Covered in Sri Lanka

We are hoping for as many again in the year 2024. Their gratitude for retaining their income, independence, dignity and their ability to see and engage with the world around them knows no bounds. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Alaka and Ananda Foundations for providing these life changing surgeries free of charge and the dedication and tireless services of the surgeons and their support staff. 

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