Child Development

Development and support for the war affected children and young people with learning difficulties


The traumatisation by war experiences in childhood can have vast influence on their adulthood. The children and young people from war-ravaged areas in Sri Lanka are undoubtedly affected by their traumatic experiences in various ways. It has also been identified that some children are struggling to adapt to the changes that are taking places very rapidly. This has a huge impact on children’s and youngsters’ behavior and their educational progress at school. These issues need to be handled sensitively and quickly by health professionals through a combination of reassurance, relaxation and cognitive behavioral techniques.

Identified problems

  • Children and young people are identified with emotional and behavioral difficulties.
  • Children and young people seem to be isolated due to loss of their beloved ones and all their belongings.
  • Children are struggling with school work as they were not able to attend schools for a long period of time.
  • Some children have learning difficulties which requires professional help.


Children working as a group with the help of a facilitator

  • Identifying the issues that these children are facing.
  • Employing well trained counselors and facilitators.
  • Helping and supporting school staff and adults to identify symptoms.
  • Working with schools and adults to establish safety.
  • Restoring  order and normality in these children’s lives.
  • Conducting special study sessions for children with learning difficulties.


  • Children and young people would be seen happy with a lot of confidence, tolerance and ability to work in groups.
  • An environment will be created for children and young people to express their problems, learn to share, be educated by attending the School regularly and mix with other children and play happily.
  • Educational standard among children will be improved.

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