Agricultural Projects

Agricultural activities and Farming equipment Project

Since the people who stayed in various camps after the displacement for the last two and a half years have been resettled, it is necessary to provide support and guidance to adapt with all the changes. These people have lost all their belongings and some of them have lost their beloved ones and relatives. In these conditions they are unable to fulfill their daily basic needs even struggling to find their own food. As most of them were dependent on subsistence farming, it is important to support them to restart their agricultural activities to improve their livelihood. This project aims to assist the farmers to restart their cultivation.


  • Improving livelihood of resettled people and rebuilding their agricultural activities and enhancing their basic standard of living.
  • Providing farming equipment on a need basis and share various equipment between families.

Identified Problems

  • They do not have enough facilities to rebuild their livelihood and do not have the capital for rebuilding the agricultural activities again.
  • They are unable to fulfill their basic health and educational needs of their children.
  • Most of them are frustrated due to non availability of income sources.
  • They do not have any basic equipment to start their farming activities.


  • Identifying the needs of the people.
  • Prioritizing families to restart the agricultural activities.
  • Appointing an agricultural expert field officer.
  • Supply equipment and seeds as identified by the field officer.
  • Educating them to do their farming in an efficient way.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and providing ongoing support.


  • The resettled people will become confident and start a positive life with new expectations.
  • They will be aware of the current agricultural activities after a long interval.
  • They will show interest in rebuilding their livelihood, and try to fulfill their daily needs such as food and free themselves from dependency.
  • Agriculture, the main activity of their village would restart and they will be released from their economic burden.

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