Education Centres and Community Halls

Education and Community centres

The youngest victims and survivors of Sri Lanka’s decades of civil war are eager to learn all they can, both, at school and after school despite hardship and lack of basic facilities.

Target group

Selected people and children from the recently resettled villages.

Identified Issues

  • The people from newly settled villages such as Suthanthirapuram, Muungilaru, Vaththarayan, Senthankulam and Kilali live in small huts and there is no common place for children to come together for their studies after School.
  • These villages have no suitable place to hold preschool classes for children.
  • They do not have any common place to meet if any organization visits these villages.
  • When most expected mobile clinics visit the villages, they have no proper place to see the patients.


  • Identifying suitable place to build a community hall.
  • Building a temporary community Hall of 40’*15’ sq. ft and 10’*10’sq.ft room.-half wall, cement floor, Concrete post with tin roofing.
  • Conducting classes for children by engaging part time teachers after School.
  • Encouraging educated mothers from each village to organise preschool classes.
  • Having general community gatherings and discussions for the improvement of livelihood of the village people.
  • Project team and selected members of each village prepare a five year plan for maintenance and continuity.


Children using the village library

  • People will have a common community hall for their meetings and discussions.
  • Children will have a place for preschool.
  • School children will have a suitable place for their evening classes and reading room.
  • Organizations and mobile clinics will have a place for their activities.
  • Will create unity among the people through general discussions.
  • An organised community will function in the village.

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