Sewing Centres for Women

Garment manufacturing facilities and sewing training centres for women

A large number of disadvantaged women and widows with children are facing financial difficulties due to the loss of their sole breadwinner. It has become important for us to provide socio- economic protection to these women headed families in order for them to survive and bring up their children.


Even though the 30 year war has ended, women who lost their husbands are the ones who affected the most. Many of them have lost their plots land and all their belongings too. This project is aimed to provide basic needs and social protection to these women and improve their livelihood.


Select small groups of women and train them to start garment manufacturing centres. They will also be trained in management, sourcing bulk orders, marketing and sales of clothing that they manufacture.


  • Identifying and selecting suitable and willing women to work in small garment manufacturing industry.
  • Providing funds to purchase sewing machines suitable for garment manufacturing and training.
  • Providing funds for rental of training and manufacturing centre and teaching staff salaries.
  • Providing financial assistance for trainees for the first six months of training.

Trainees are having disussions on their future plan at one of the Training Centres in Vanni.

End Results

  • Selected women will complete their training in sewing, garment manufacturing and distribution techniques.
  • These women will start receiving income and help meet their basic needs.
  • They will learn to work as a team and they will start learning different skills from each other. This will create self confidence in them.
  • Their social and cultural values will be protected.
  • Their children will be educated well and their health will improve.

Admiring their work

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