Needs of Sivapathakalaiyagam GTM School in Kilinochchi

In 1982, there was flooding in Kilinochchi. 1980 engineering undergraduates from University of Peradeniya including our Chairman, Sarveswaran, collected dry rations and went to Kilinochchi to hand over them to flood victims. After handing over the rations, they started talking to the villagers, who were predominantly upcountry Tamils and were displaced following the 1977 communal riots. The villagers told that they desperately wanted to educate their children. They were struggling to get school admissions in Tamil schools to their children. They asked whether the undergrads could provide them with a building so that they can start teaching their children in Tamil. 1980 engineering batch mates took their request as a challenge and raised funds, while they were continuing with their degree course. Eventually, the batch managed to construct a building for a school, which was then handed over to the local priest Fr Pias. The school was named “Sivapatha Kalaiyagam”. Fr Pias continued with his services to this school and managed to convert it into a government school. The school has grown very well over the years and is providing education to pupils up to GCE (O/L).

Recently, there was a news item about this school telecasted by Sakthi TV. The link is given at the end of this email. There were many needs at this school as exposed by the TV news item. Assist RR and our E80 Peradeniya engineering batch mates got together and managed to meet some of the needs (please refer to the attached link). However, the school is still lacking classrooms for conducting lessons. They are currently conducting some lessons in a temporary shelter and under a tree. Some photos are attached. The principal has been asking whether Assist RR could provide a 100’ building that solve their classroom shortage. If we could raise £25,000.00, we could construct a 100’ building that would provide a safe and acceptable environment to the school children for learning. Assist RR recently completed a similar building to Puthukudiyiruppu Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed School. A Malaysian Family with Origin from Urumpirai East have pledged Rs 3.0M (£15k) in  memory of their Maternal Grandparents for constructing a classroom building to war affected Sivapathakalaiyagam GTM schoolWe need another Rs 2M (around £10k) to complete this building. If any organisation or individual is interested in contributing to this project, please kindly contact us. Please share this with your friends and family as well.

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Sakthi TV News on Sivapathakalaiyagam

A Report on Sivapathakalaiyagam by Assist RR

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