Renovation of Puthukkudiyiruppu RC Vidyalayam

This school is located in the vicinity of Puthukudiyiruppu hospital and was badly damaged during the war. This school started functioning in September 2012 after the end of war in May 2009. Currently, there are 445, both Hindu and Christian, students, from Year 1 to GCE O/L, learning here with the services of 24 teachers. At present, the school infrastructure include a temporary shelter built by UNICEF, a permanent building recently built by Child Fund, and the badly damaged building, in which six classes are being conducted. Following Assist RR’s appeal for funds to renovate this school building, a generous and kind-hearted Malaysian family with roots in Urumpirai have pledged funds around Rs 2.2 Million to renovate this school building. Assist RR would like to thank the family for their kind support.


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