The Penney Family & Team Solihull’s next ultra-challenge to raise funds for clean Water Wells

An appeal by The Penney Family and Team Solihull to friends and supporters of UK Assist RR & IMHOUK Fundraising Goal of £18,000

Dear friends,

We are taking on our next ultra-challenge in the hope that you will sponsor us. Your support would help us provide constant access to clean, uncontaminated water supplies for families and school children across the Upcountry, North and East.

The Problem

Many of Sri Lanka’s poorest people do not have regular and safe access to uncontaminated running water. This gives rise to a range of health, hygiene and hydration issues, which in turn adversely affect both livelihoods and education. Many children are missing school because of contaminated water illnesses and many teenage girls are missing even more of their education due to inadequate sanitary facilities at school when menstruating. At a time of severe downward economic pressure on Sri Lanka’s most disenfranchised people, the poorest families don’t have the means to cultivate sufficient fruit and vegetables for their own use or to sell surplus yields to generate livelihood income without easy access to running water.

The Solution – Clean Water Wells

IMHO USA, Assist RR UK and Well-Being (Sri Lanka) will work in partnership to raise funds, identify those most in need, implement the building of water wells and deliver on their efficacy.We will also partner with the Agricultural Faculty of Jaffna University to provide the beneficiaries with seed packages and training in optimising the growth of high yield crops for personal and livelihood benefits. A typical shallower dug-out well currently costs about £500 and a deeper tubed borehole well costs approximately £1000. Should individual or family donors sponsor a well in full, we will include a naming plaque and send photos in return.

The HUGE Incentive

The Board of IMHO USA will very generously match everything you donate, up to approx. £18,000 ($20,000). This paves the way for us to double our impact if we can reach our target.

Our pledge & your donations

100% of donations made via the most appropriate link for you below will go directly towards this projectAll we need now is your support to make it happen and we would be forever grateful if you would donate through one of the channels listed here:

Our Ultra-Challenge – the 50km Windsor Challenge

The community of Solihull School has been a long-term supporter of Sri Lanka’s poorest people. Having previously raised funds for numerous education, health care and livelihood projects our team of over 20 staff, pupils and parents, past and present, will take on the 50km Easter Challenge from Windsor Racecourse, looping through the Great Park, Windsor Castle, Runnymede and along the Thames Path on 1st April 2023. We would very much appreciate your support in transforming lives for the better and we look forward to keeping donors up to date with developments.

With very best wishes, The Penney family & Team Solihull

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