Yet another Cataract Surgery Camp organised by Assist RR

Assist RR is happy to inform you that, with the assistance of Vision 2020, we have successfully organised yet another cataract surgery camp, this time in Batticaloa, this weekend to help nearly 100 patients.  This camp was funded by “SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANISATION”, BATTICALOA AND “FUND FOR MAHALIRILLAM”, AUSTRALIA. Dr Dias Jeyasiri has been carrying out these surgeries all day along. Please note that Dr Dias carried out another nearly 50 surgeries yesterday, funded by two voluntary organisations from Sydney, Australia (one of them  is called “Regain Sight Inc”). We should all thank Dr Dias for his selfless and tireless service to the needy in the East and North of Sri Lanka. This is the fourth camp organised by Assist RR, restoring vision to nearly 400 patients, in partnership with Vision 2020 and Dr Dias.  Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr Dias for his selfless service to the people of the East and North of SL and to Vision 2020 for organising these camps and their support. 

   Batti Camp 1    Batti Camp 2

Please click here to watch the video of the camp

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