Bicycles donated by Harrow Aathiparasakthi Mandram to Children in Batticaloa

There is another good news that we would like to share with you.  Following our visit to two remote villages in Wellaveli, Batticaloa in January 2014, we made an appeal to assist these villagers in a number of ways.  Further to this appeal, Dr Namasivayam of Sivanarulillam approached Annai Aathiparasakthi Valipaddu Mandram in Harrow, UK and appealed them to consider donating 15 bicycles to the children from the two remote villages called 16th Colony and Maalayarkaddu.  They responded positively and arranged the donations through Kathankudi Aathiparasakthi Valipaddu Mandram on 03 March 2014.  We would like to thank Annai Aathiparasakthi Valipaddu Mandram in Harrow, UK for agreeing to donate at a short notice and for donating these bicycles to the children, who were walking up to 13 kMs one way to attend their schools. We also would like to thank Dr Namasivayam for approaching the donors and making this happen.  This would certainly assist these children’s learning to some extent. But we can do more by providing evening classes in their villages. Please remember there are no A/L students and only 3 O/L students in these villages.

   Cycles donation 030314 03   Cycles donation 030314 02

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