Humanitarian Assistance by Assist RR in the East & North of Sri Lanka over the past One Year

Since the creation of  our charity in November 2012, and making our first fact finding mission to Vanni in March 2013, we have completed a number of projects worth £100k (Rs 21.1 Million) with funds raised by Assist RR in the areas of Education, Livelihood and Healthcare in the East and North. These projects have been implemented with the assistance of Mullaithivu District Educational Development Trust Fund headed by Mullaithivu GA, Mr Vethanayagan, and Assist RR’s Sri Lankan coordinator, Rotarian Henry Amalraj on a voluntary basis. Not even a single penny or cent was used on any overheads or expenses including travels to Sri Lanka by the trustees of Assist RR. Funds raised are used 100% on assisting the needy. Detailed reports on each project are given in this page of our website.  Two sets of photos are given below: one for the very first pre-school project completed in June 2013 in Mullivaikal East; the second set for the recently completed 8th school project in January 2014 in Mullivaikal West.  Please click the link below for full details.


     Mullivaikal West before Renovation 02DSC02374

Please click here for full details

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