Donating Solar Powered Lanterns and Clothes in Vanni

There are many villages in Mullaithivu district, which are not connected to the main grid for electricity supply, and students are struggling to learn using kerosene lamps due to their financial situation. It is estimated that a family needs to spend nearly Rs 22,000 per annum to use kerosene lamp.  When many families struggle to feed their children, kerosene is not their priority. This can be resolved by providing solar powered lamps, which would save money on kerosene and enable the children to learn at home in the evenings. Following Assist RR’s appeal, Anbaalayam and Tamil Engineers Foundation, both charitable organisations from Australia have provided funds to import 450 lamps from China. These lamps were distributed to villagers in Mullivaikal and Ambalavanpokkanai and to needy O/L & A/L students in remote areas of Thunukkai on 20/21 April 2014.  In addition to this, a second shipment of clothes was sent again in March 2014 after Assist RR collected them from kind hearted people in the UK. These clothes were distributed to nearly 75 families in Valayarmadam, which is located between Mullivaikal and Puthumathalan. People were very pleased to receive these clothes and thanked Assist RR, which has already started collecting more  clothes to be given to people of Puthumathalan.

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