Donation of Exercise Books, Pens and Bicycles in Sampoor‏

Following our visit to Sampoor in early May 2014, we identified a number of needs and made an appeal to assist the unfortunate people of Sampoor, who were displaced in 2006 and around 4000 of them are still living in 4 welfare centres in and around Sampoor. One of the needs identified was helping the children with exercise books and bicycles. Following our appeal, Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, UK, immediately came forward and donated funds to purchase 2600 (200 pages each) exercise books, 550 pens and 5 bicycles. These items were handed over to nearly 450 children in 5 schools in Muthur district on 24 June 2014. The bicycles were given to five A/L girls at Sampoor MV. They walk from Kunithivu, which is nearly 4 kM away from Kaddaiparichan, where Sampoor MV is now temporarily functioning. On behalf of the people of Sampoor and Assist RR, we would like to thank Children’s Hunger Relief Fund for coming forward following our appeal to help the children of Sampoor. There are still more needs in Sampoor, as identified in the link below. We hope other individuals/organisations will come forward to help these people.

Ex Books Donation 00 Sampoor MV   Ex Books Donation 01 Iynkaran Vidyalayam
Ex Books Donation 12 Sampoor MV   Ex Books Donation 15 Al HairiaPlease click here for full details

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