A Corridor Linking the OPD and the New Ward at PTK

We would like to share another good news with you.  Further to our appeal on 30 May 2014, Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF), UK responded immediately to this appeal and pledged 66% of the cost of the corridor.  With CHRF’s support and Assist RR’s funds, we have now completed the construction of the corridor. Some photos of this corridor are given below. I would like to thank CHRF profoundly on behalf of Assist RR and the people of Puthukudiyiruppu for coming forward at the need of the hour and supported this project.  Especially, our sincere gratitude goes to Mrs Shantha Ganeshananthan of CHRF, for her selfless service to our unfortunate people back home. With the support of many kind hearted people and organisations, we can do a lot more to the needy back home.

Corridor 8    Corridor 5

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