Assistance to School Children in Manthai East, Mullaitivu

As you are aware, Assist RR visited Thunukkai and Manthai East in June 2015 to hand over exercise books donated by London Brindishe Manor School. During this visit, Manthai East Devisional Secretary (DS) Mr V Printhaharan joined us at the handing over ceremonies and then invited us to his office in Pandiyankulam. At this meeting, he showed us a file, which was full of many requests by local schools and children, who are struggling to afford basic needs. Many children walk nearly 4 kilometres one way to their school without shoes. The DS made a request for some shoes, by-cycles, and a set of furniture to a pre-school. Assist RR, without any hesitation donated Rs 85,000 to purchase some of the above items through Rotary Club of Mullaithivu. The DS and the president of Rotary Club handed over 39 pairs of shoes, 3 by-cycles, and the furniture to the pre-school.

Shoes 6   Shoes 5
cycles 2   furniture 2

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