Update on Resettlement of IDP Families in Sampoor

Latest information received from Trincomalee GA’s office confirmed that 305 families are allowed to return to the land. The extent of this land is 925 acres, which includes the land that was given to the BoI for investment and 70 acres of land that was occupied by two navy camps. As we indicated, UNHCR has funds to build transition shelters for 134 families. The GA of Trincomalee is still looking for funds to build another 171 shelters. We are happy to announce that Assist RR is the first to start building shelters in Sampoor for these families. We have started building five shelters. We have also completed building 5 toilets and renovated 3 wells to families near Kali kovil in Sampoor. We are doing these works using funds donated by generous individuals. The needs are huge and we are doing only a little. People have suffered long enough without proper shelter, employment, etc. They will be better off in their own houses and can and will look after themselves by embarking on their own livelihoods. We are building temporary shelters at a cost of around £525 per shelter and permanent toilets at a cost of around £200 per toilet. I am sure most of you can afford to support one family to have at least either a shelter or a toilet or both.  Please kindly consider supporting a family by contributing.  The government has allocated only Rs 38,000 per family towards resettlement and USAID is concentrating on infrastructure projects such as schools, hospitals, etc.
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