Resettlement of Sampoor IDP Families – 2nd Phase

Nearly 300 families were resettled in their lands in Sampoor, Trincomalee in the 1st phase of resettlement and Assist RR assisted 55 families with transitional shelters and toilets with the support of many kind hearted donors. Another 546 families were resettled on 25 March 2016 in Sampoor (see photos given below). The GA requested us to assist with this resettlement by providing transitional shelters, sanitation facilities and livelihood support. We understand that this 2nd phase would almost complete the resettlement of IDP families displaced from Sampoor in 2006. We have been informed that the government haven’t received any support from any INGOs or any other organisations so far. However, as in the past, they would struggle to find support for extended families, who were not registered as IDP families during the displacement in 2006. It should therefore be noted that the need is there to assist many families including extended families, who are resettling in their village after 10 years of misery. A transitional shelter and a toilet would cost only around £750. Livelihood support can also be provided with a minimum of £250 by providing a water pump, a cow, fishing net, etc. Could you please kindly consider this need and spread the message amongst your friends and families and ask them to consider assisting these families with their resettlement after 10 years of their displacement?

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