Livelihood Assistance to Families in Sampoor, Trincomalee

Assist RR have been working in Sampoor, Trincomalee District, providing shelters, toilets and livelihood assistances, with the partnership of many kind hearted individuals and like minded organisations around the world. As part of livelihood support, IMHO, USA, provided funds to purchase 5 sets of engine boats and nets, which were handed over to the beneficiaries on 23rd Nov 2017 and 27th Dec 2017. Dr Rajam Thevendran, IMHO, USA and her husband Dr Thevendran from New York, and Henry Aamlaraj, President of Assist RR (SL) attended the handing over ceremony on 27th Dec 2017. IMHO, USA have already funded another 5 sets of engine boats and nets that were handed over in June/July 2017. Each boat has been successfully shared by 5 families. This meant 50 families are being benefitted by these 10 sets of engine boats and nets (costing nearly Rs 5.5 Million) funded by IMHO, USA. Assist RR would like to inform you that IMHO USA have already funded 119 shelters to Sampoor IDPs at a cost of Rs 14.28 Million (around $95,000). Assist RR, on behalf of Sampoor IDP families, would like to express its gratitude to IMHO USA for their continued support to enhance the lives of Sampoor families.

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