Solihull School’s Continued Support to Assist RR’s Endeavours

Solihull School in the West Midlands, UK, has been contributing to the needs of our victims of war back home since 2009. Recently, two 13-year old, Year-8 pupils, Conor & Harvey, completed running 9 kM in the “Race the Train”challenge to raise funds for 3 charities on 18 August 2018. They chose Assist RR as one of the beneficiary charities. Assist RR was introduced to the boys by Junior School Headmaster Mr Mark Penney. Harvey, who has a Sri Lankan heritage, did visit Sri Lanka recently and felt that there is so much still to do to repair the damage left by the 28 years of war. Conor and Harvey raised nearly £1800 and donated around £600 towards building a shelter for an IDP family in Sampoor. We are very grateful to Conor and Harvey for their amazing fund raising effort and their contribution. Assist RR donated nearly 100 reading glasses to a Vanni hospital in Aug 2018. The eye doctor told that their patients would benefit from frames and asked whether Assist RR can provide more of them. Mark Penney heard this story and, as a result, made an appeal to the School Community for frames. They collected nearly 950 frames, mostly brand new from a parent, who works for an Optician. A parent also donated a foci-meter, used to verify the correct prescription in a pair of reading glasses Solihull pupils, Francesca, Amelia and their friends also collected 255 women’s trainers to be donated to girls of a school in Kilinichchi. Mr Penney, on his way to SCOT’s dinner as the chief guest on 20 Oct, dropped these items in London to be shipped to Sri Lanka. Assist RR’s sincere gratitude to Solihull School community, in particular to Mr Penney and his family for their continued support.

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