Enhancement of living and livelihood conditions in Parankiyamadu villgae, Kiran, Batticaloa

Further to our appeal for the above project in Oct 2020, we received financial supports from a Philanthropist from Malaysia (funded through the Alaka Foundation, and Tamil Forum Malaysia (TFM)), and the International Medical Health organisation (IMHO), USA. These were in addition to the funds raised by Assist RR in the UK. Assist RR, Sri Lanka, started the project in Dec 2020 and completed almost everything in July 2021, except half of the fishing nets, which were handed over in Feb 2022. The total cost of the project was LKR 30,284,407.00. We managed to complete the following despite the considerable challenges we faced during this difficult pandemic period: 43 shelters & 45 new toilets; Completed 43 toilets that were half done previously by others and not usable; 16 boats and engines to benefit 80 families (one boat and engine shared by 5 families); 160 nets to the above 80 families to use on the boats (2 nets per family); 132 nets to 33 families who already had their own canoes but couldn’t fish due to no nets; 12 nets to another 3 families. We were able to do all these for less costs due to the intelligent, efficient, and selfless efforts of our Sri Lankan president – Engineer Henry Amalarj. He constructed each shelter at a cost of LKR 350,000.00 (see attached photo) and each new toilet for LKR 56,250.00. He faced many difficulties due to Covid19 but still managed to complete the project in a very cost-efficient manner. Break down of the project and funds received are given below:

This project has completely transformed the living and livelihood conditions of the village. Families have decent shelters without worrying about rainy days, they have toilets without the need to go out in the open, the men are staying in their villages and are feeding their families by going out to the sea and fish. We were able to do all these because of the significant contributions from Malaysian Philanthropist through TFM, IMHO USA, and the support of Assist RR friends in the UK. CHRF, UK, had already funded 35 wells in this village that were completed by Henry Amalaraj. We feel privileged to have been able to facilitate the significant enhancement of living conditions for the 120 families who live in village. We would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who were involved in this project.

Original Appeal of this project: http://assistrr.org/?p=4311

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