Current living and economic conditions in war affected areas

It is very sad to note the current living conditions and economic situation in the East and North of Sri Lanka since the end of the war.  Based on a number of visits of Assist RR trustees and Mullaithuvu District statistical Handbook of 2013, a report has been produced and linked below.  The numbers in the handbook indicates that there are nearly 66% of the families in the district are earning between Rs 1500 and Rs 5000 per month and 18% of the families are earning less than Rs 1500 per month.  It also indicates that around 74% of the employable persons in this district are unemployed.  It is a very sad and pathetic situation and there is nothing wrong in saying that these people are “the unfortunate” ones.  The important question is what are we, the fortunate Diaspora, going to do to help them?

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