PTK Paediatric Ward Construction – Update

Following our appeal for building the first floor paediatric ward at PTK hospital, Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF) and Dr Philomina Karthigesalingam responded positively and have managed to raise enough funds to carry out the project. The construction work started in July 2014 and nearing completion. Dr Philomina successfully completed her sponsored walk and managed to raise nearly £6000.  CHRF made an appeal to their friends and families and raised nearly £12,000.  Assist RR is funding the balance needed to complete this project. Further to another appeal, Medical Institute of Tamils  (MIOT), UK, has donated £8300 towards providing furniture and essential medical equipment to this ward.  Assist RR would like to express its gratitude to CHRF, MIOT and Dr Phil on behalf of people of PTK for their selfless efforts towards assisting people affected by the war.  Assist RR would also like to thank Australian Medical Aid Foundation (AMAF) for their financial support for providing medical equipment to the ground floor female ward.

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