Resettlement of Sampoor Internally Displaced People

Further to our appeal towards the end of May to assist Sampoor IDP, we would like to provide an update on the above. We made a visit to Sampoor last week to reassess the situation following the recent court case against resettlement. Although resettlement of IDP families was imminent at the time of our appeal, it has now stalled due to a case by the investing company at the Supreme Court.  It appears that a decision will not be made in the near future. In the mean time, our visit has highlighted the needs of already resettled nineteen families in the area.  They are living there without basic facilities such as toilets, drinking water, shelters, etc. We would like to suggest that we spend the funds raised so far for this purpose.  Helping these families would encourage more IDP families to return to their lands. Funds remaining and further raised would be utilised when resettlement of other families begins. The needs are huge.  Please kindly read the link below that provides more details on Sampoor IDP and support our efforts to assist the innocent victims of war, who have been in camps since 2006.

Resettlement of Sampoor IDP

DSC03584   DSC03552DSC03558   DSC03595

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