Valigamam Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Chunnagam

Assist RR has been assisting innocent victims of the war in the North and East of Sri Lanka since 2012. Although we focussed our efforts in Vanni, in particular Mullaithivu, we carried out many assistances from Mannar in the North to Amparai in the East. However, we always formed the opinion that there were no major issues in Jaffna except Vadamarachchi East. We now admit that we were wrong to form this opinion and we have neglected thousands of people, who were displaced from Valigamam North and have been living in 22 camps for the past 25 years. It appears that not many of us are aware the plight of these unfortunate people, who have been living in very pathetic condition after losing their livelihoods. Remember 25 years in these camps, but we escaped and live in comfort. Please read the link below and watch a few minutes video taken in these camps.

Valigamam Internally Displaced People - A document

Valigamam Internally Displaced People in Chunnagam - A video link

   DSC03345   DSC03346       DSC03338   DSC03340

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