Current On-Going Projects by Assist RR in Sri Lanka

This is an update on our current on-going projects in Vanni and Sampoor, Trincomalee. We also attach some photos showing the progress of these projects.

1. Puthukudiyiruppu Hospital Male Medical Ward: The construction of this male ward is nearing completion as can be seen from the photos below. This project has been jointly funded by Aavarthana, UK, Children Hunger Relief Fund, UK, Assist RR, UK, and a charity walk in the UK by Dr Dr Philomena Karthikesalingam and Dr Jayanthy Gnananandan. The project, at a cost of around £42k, is being implemented by Assist RR. MIOT Wales contributed £3500 towards furnishing the ward  to be opened in April 2016. 

thumb_IMGP8404_1024 thumb_IMGP8394_1024

2. A Pre-School in Sampoor, Trincomalee: Following a request from the GA of Trincomalee, a pre-school is being built by Assist RR. The project is being funded by Building Blocks, UK, a registered charity in England. The construction is nearing completion and will be opened soon. The cost of this project is around £7000. Building Blocks is also funding fencing the premises, installation of play equipment and furnishing the pre-school. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of Building Blocks, UK. The pre-school would assist mothers in the area to be involved in livelihood activities without worrying about looking after their children.

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3. Classroom extension at PTK Shri Subramaniyam Vidyalayam:  This school was completely destroyed at the end of the war and has been functioning in temporary shelters. An INGO, Child Fund, built a two storey building but left a small portion without the construction of the first floor. If completed, the first floor can house three classrooms. Following a request from the principal and the education department, Assist RR agreed to fund it. Siblings of late Miss Maheswary Velautham from Karaveddy donated funds in memory of her to construct this 3-classroom extension. Photos are given below. The cost of this extension project is around £12,000.

thumb_IMGP8381_1024  thumb_IMGP8391_1024

4. Construction of Transitional Shelters in Sampoor: Assist RR had already completed construction of 35 shelters and is building another 20 shelters. Toilets are also being built for all 55 shelters. The construction of shelters will be completed in 2 weeks and construction of all 55 toilets will be completed by the end of April. There has been delays due to heavy rain in the area in November/December and due to high water level as a result. This project is jointly funded by London Ealing Shri Kanagathurkkai Amman Temple (20 shelters & toilets), Singapore TTVK (10), Sivanarulillam (4), and by generous donors through Assist RR (21). We will provide full details after the completion. The total cost of this project (construction of 55 shelters & toilets) is around £41,250.

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