Assist RR Annual Dinner 2018 – An Update

Our annual dinner 2018 was held at Solihull School on 27 Jan 2018. We were hoping to raise maximum £4000, as we have done in the past. However, final accounts show that we have raised almost £16,000.00, which includes pledged funds for 11 shelters in Sampoor at a cost of £600 per shelter and £4000 raised by an American Auction of a TV donated by a Solihull School family. Total raised also includes ticket sales, donations in addition to the pledges for shelters, raffles and gift aid on donations. Please note that all the dinner expenses were met by our charity members. When we were considering holding our annual dinner in and around Birmingham, Solihull School volunteered to host the dinner and allowed us to use their refectory for free. Our guests hugely appreciated this fact and were delighted to be able to use the venue – it proved to be a perfect fit for what we needed. The tremendous support from Solihull school over the years has enabled us to improve the education of thousands of children in areas where schools were destroyed or damaged by the war. It also enabled many hundreds of elderly and vulnerable people to regain their eye sights all over Sri Lanka. We have no words to thank Solihull School and the school community adequately for their continued support. On behalf of Assist RR, we would like to express my sincere gratitude to Solihull School Community.

We are going to spend £7000 towards constructing a classroom building to Kilinochchi Sivapatha Kalaiyagam GTM school. A Malaysian family with the origins from Urumpirai, Jaffna, is contributing £15,000 towards this building project. This same family also donated £13,000 for rebuilding a badly damaged 2-storey building of Puthukudituruppu RC Vidyalayam in 2014. We will spend the rest (£9000) on building 15 shelters (including 11 pledges) to homeless families in Sampoor, Trincomale. A link is provided here (Special Thanks) with the details of sponsors, donors, individuals who pledged funds, volunteers, and speakers, who made this event very successful. Our sinecure gratitude to all those who are in the link above and others who have provided support. Your kind support enabled us to raise this amount of money for good causes. I hope you will continue to support our assistance to the needy back home. If anyone interested in donating funds, please use this link:

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