Assistance to Kuhani Tamil Adivasi (Palamkudi) Families in Muthur

Tamil Aadivasi families (Kuhani Palamkudi Makkal) live in 11 villages in Muthur  Division of Trincomalee District. Following a request from Australian Medical Aid Foundation, Assist RR visited these villages in June 2017 and carried out a need assessment. These families were displaced in 2006 and became IDPs. They were resettled in 2009 in alternative lands. Although they were promised all the facilities, they are living in very sad conditions. Their livelihoods are farming, collecting honey and firewood, hunting, and fishing. These families are not given Samurthi hand outs, although all these families live below poverty lines. They are struggling for their survival due to lack of support. Some mothers do go begging in nearby towns. They desperately need assistance to improve their livelihood. Further to our appeal in July 2017 to help these families, Children Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF, UK) came forward and donated funds to purchase 2 engine boats and nets at a coat of Rs 550,000 per set. One of these two boats was funded by a generous and kind hearted donor from the UK, Miss Angela Nagarajah in memory of her grandmother Mrs Nagamma, through CHRF. Each boat is shared by five families. Boats were handed over to the families on 29 Dec 2017. We would like to thank CHRF, UK, for coming forward and assisting 10 families from these deprived villages to stand on their own feet.

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