“Charity Dinner 2018 – London” on 05/05/18 & Donation of an Echocardiogram Machine to Kilinochchi Hospital

Our “Charity Dinner 2018 – London” was held on 5th May 2018 in Croydon. We are happy to note that we made new friends, who appreciated the work of Assist RR over the past 5 years. In addition, a total of £7385.50 was raised at the dinner. This includes ticket sales, donations, a pledge from a kind hearted businessman for an engine boat and nets (£1400), raffles and gift aid on donations that are eligible for gift aid. Please note that all the dinner expenses, excluding the hall hire costing £380, were met by our charity members. 

Following an appeal for support to our cardiology clinics in Sri Lanka, a kind hearted, generous and second generation Sri Lankan Tamil entrepreneur in the  UK, Mr Vinoth Varatharajan, came forward and agreed to fund an echocardiogram machine at a cost of £27,500. This machine was handed over by his parents Mr & Mrs Varatharajan at our dinner in Croydon. This machine will be delivered by Assist RR to Killinochi Hospital in June 2018. It will be used by Dr Guruparan (of Jaffna Teaching Hospital) to scan 100s of patients a month in Killinochi Hospital. It will also be used by Assist RR’s volunteer cardiologists to scan patients in Mullaitivu Hospital in the near future. We are very grateful to Vinoth for donating this machine and to his parents for joining us at the dinner and for handing it over in person. Our sincere gratitude to all those who assisted us to conduct this successful event. Your kind support enabled us to raise this amount of money for a good cause. I hope you will continue to support our assistance to the needy back home.

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