3rd Echocardiogram Clinic in Mannar on 12-15 Feb 2018

Our 3rd cardiology and Echocardiogram clinic in Mannar District Hospital was conducted by Dr Mayooran Shanmuganathan between 12-15 Feb 2018. During this trip, he assessed, treated and referred for appropriate follow up a total of 125 patients. Needless to say, these patients would have to otherwise wait a long time and face considerable inconvenience to attend the nearest cardiology clinic in Jaffna or Vavuniya. The feedback was very positive from patients and local healthcare professionals. A ceremony to thank our efforts was held by Dr Roy, Assistant RDHS of Mannar District and was attended by the Hon Health Minister of Northern Provincial Council (NPC), Dr Gunaseelan. Assist RR would like to thank Dr Mayooran, Mannar Hospital administrators and nursing staff, Dr M Guruparan, supervising Consultant Cardiologist from Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Dr A Ketheeswaran, the Secretary of Ministry of Health of NPC, and the donors, who have supported us https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/echoclinicsrilanka, for their continued support. Assist RR’s vision is to provide constructive help to the existing healthcare infrastructure in Sri Lanka. With regards to cardiology care, we will aim to extend our help to other districts in the Northern Province which do not have the services of a visiting cardiologist. The reason, why we are concentrating in Mannar only, is that an echocardiogram machine is available in Mannar but there are no cardiologists in this hospital, who can use the machine. We are unable to extend this service to Kilinochchi or Mullaithivu because an echocardiogram machine is not available in these hospitals. We are very keen to provide this service to patients in Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu and are hoping that we will achieve this in the future. Please spread the news and offer your support.

We also enabled the purchase and delivery of 4 patient cardiac bedside monitors (equipments that monitor sick patient’s blood pressure, ECG, heart beat and Oxygen levels) donated by UK Tamil Students Union (UKTSU) worth £3250. The need for these equipments in Mannar was vey apparent and was noted by Dr Mayooran on his previous trips to the Hospital. Thus when he contacted UKTSU for help, they duly obliged. We thank UKTSU wholeheartedly for the timely donation.

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Feedbacks from the above cardiology clinic are given below:

 Dr Mayooran Shanmuganathan on the free cardiology clinic:


Patients’ feedback:



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