Needs of Schools in Sampoor & Donation of Bicycles and Furniture by Assist RR in Trincomalee

People, who were displaced by the war in Sampoor, Trincomalee in 2006, have not been resettled in their villages yet and are still living in refugee camps in Sampoor, where two primary schools are functioning in one premises and two displaced pre-schools are functioning as one in the Hostel of Seniyur Central College.  These schools are functioning without basic facilities, such as decent desks, chairs, teaching aids, laboratory and library facilities. All the students of these schools are coming from the refugee camps around Seniyur. Another school in Koonithivu, Sampoor is lacking space and conducting classes where ever they find spaces. These schools desperately need assistance such as a building and furniture. Assist RR recently donated furniture to the pre-school and five bicycles to needy GCE O/L & A/L students from remote villages of Trincomalee district using funds donated by an anonymous donor from Hong Kong and Rotary Club of Edgbaston, UK.

   Re Open the School 2010.06.02   
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