Ceremonial Opening of PTK Hospital Ward Complex

The ward complex at Puthukudiyiruppu that was built by Assist RR with the support of Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF), Serendip Children’s Home and Dr Philomina Karthigesalingam was ceremonially opened jointly by the Governor of Northern Province, Mr H M G S Palihakkara and the Chief Minister Mr C V Wigneswaran on 05 March 2015.  During this ceremony, medical equipment and furniture funded by UK Medical Institute of Tamils (MIOT) were also handed over to the paediatric ward.  MIOT donated £830o for this purpose.  Assist RR and CHRF have decided to build another ward for male patients, who are still using the OPD area for their stay.  Mr H M G S Palihakkara and Mr C V Wigneswaran also laid foundation for this male ward after the opening ceremony.  Assist RR would like to express its gratitude to CHRF, Serendip, MIOT and Dr Phil on behalf of people of PTK for their selfless efforts towards assisting people affected by the war.  Assist RR with the support of various organisations and individuals has so far spent nearly £75,000 to improve the facilities at this hospital.

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