A Pre-School Built in Sampoor, Trincomalee‏

As you are aware, nearly 1000 families, who were displaced in 2006 due to the war and were languishing in four camps and with friends and relatives, were finally allowed to return to their land from August 2015. The IDP families needed support and their desperate needs included shelters, toilets, water, livelihood support and school shelters.  Following a request from the GA of Trincomalee, Assist RR agreed to build a pre- school and approached Building Blocks,UK, which is a registered charity in the UK and run by our second generation. Building Blocks agreed to fund construction of a pre-school in Sampoor at a  cost of £7000 and, in addition, agreed to fund play equipment and fence around the school and furniture at a cost of £1660. The construction has now been completed and the school was ceremonially opened for use yesterday. Members of Building Blocks, who are on a field trip in Sri Lanka, participated in the opening ceremony. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of Building Blocks, UK. Assist RR would like to express it gratitude to Building Blocks for their kind support to Sampoor IDP families. Assist RR has been approached by the GA’s office and the ZDE of Muthur to provide one more pre-school, as the 2nd phase of resettlement of 546 families started on 25 March 2016. The pre-school would assist mothers in the area to be involved in livelihood activities without worrying about looking after their children during school times. Please kindly consider supporting this need. 

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