Mass Cataract Surgery Camp in Vavuniya 31/5 – 04/06 2016

We would like to inform that we have successfully completed our mass cataract surgery camp on 3rd June and the surgeons from India and Singapore have restored eye sight, at least in one eye, to 486 patients. There were many patients who came blind and returned home being able to see the world after long time. When many of them were thanking us, the surgeons and the donors, they couldn’t control their emotions and were in tears. The patients were full of praise for all those involved in the camp. It was very touching and heart-warming to see their happiness after their eyesights were restored. It is very difficult to describe this feeling by words. Many of them come from very poor background and have been waiting for months and years to restore their eyesights. They told us that they couldn’t do the surgeries due to their financial situation and that they have now undergone the surgery because of the free camp organised by Assist RR in partnership with Vision 2020, Sri Lanka, The Vision Mission, Singapore, and Rotary Club of Mullaitivu. Thanks to our kind hearted donors, 486 elderly and vulnerable people are now able to see the world. The donors are as follows:

1. Kaarai Welfare Society through Enlightenment Circle of UK – 100 surgeries – Majority from Mullaitivu district;
2. Gods Own Children Foundation and Anbalayam both from Australia – 100 surgeries – Majority from Mannar district;
3. Funded in Memory of late Mr Vigneswararajah Rajaratnam from Kondavil & Toronto through Assist RR – 100 surgeries – from Kilinochchi district;
4. Solihull Junior School, West Midland, UK – 100 surgeries – Vavuniya district;
5. Funded in Memory of late Miss Maheswary Velauthm, attorney at law, Karaveddy, through Assist RR – 86 Surgeries – Anuradhapura district.

Assist RR have now organised, with the support of many organisations, and completed more than 2100 surgeries in Sri Lanka. In addition to organising these camps, Assist RR have also funded a part of the 2100 surgeries. We are hoping that The Vision Mission, in partnership with Assist RR, will continue to provide surgeons to help the needy in Sri Lanka. We would like to thank all the donors as listed above, the surgeons, The Vision Mission, Vision 2020, Rotary Club of Mullaitivu, wonderful staff of Vavuniya General Hospital, sisters from Colombo eye hospital, and many others who have made this surgery camp a very successful one.

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