A Building to Sampoor Shri Murugan Primary School

Shri Murugan Primary School together with Sampoor Maha Vidyalayam (MV) were functioning in the hostel of Chenaiyur MV following displacement in 2006 due to the civil war.  Finally, these schools were allowed to return to their homes in early April 2016. When they returned, there was nothing at Shri Murugan Primary except the land. The school started functioning in a house opposite to the school land. When we visited Sampoor on 24 April 2016, we were invited to the Primary School by the principal and the zonal director. Assist RR have been assisting these two displaced schools over the past few years in many ways. They asked whether we could assist them with a temporary building to educate the children in a decent environment. After witnessing their plight, Assist RR couldn’t say no to their request and arranged to construct a temporary building. The building was completed in middle of May 2016 and was ceremonially opened by the principal on 20 May 2016. Henry Amalraj and members of Building Blocks, UK, participated in the event. I attach some photos of the temporary building. We generally identify the need, raise funds and then start the projects. But this project is different. We had to agree to do the work even without the funds. I am sure we will somehow raise it.

thumb_IMGP9540_1024  thumb_IMGP9541_1024IMG_20160530_100411  IMG_20160530_100616

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