Donating Play Equipment to Kaively (PTK) Kanthan Pre-School

Assist RR  built Kanthan Pre-School in Kaively, Puthukudiyiruppu in August 2013. The school was funded in memory of Late Mr Vigneswararajah Rajaratnam of Toronto and Kondavil, and Late Miss Maheswary Velautham, Attorney at Law, from Karaveddy. Mr Vigneswararajah’s parents Mr Aarumugam and Mrs Annapooranam Rajaratnam, who live in Canada, visited this pre-school on 02 June 2016 to hand over three play equipment donated in memory of their son Mr Vigneswararajah. The education director responsible for the pre-schools was present and told us that the play equipment will significantly improve attendance of the children to the school. We ourselves witnessed the happiness of the children when they were allowed to play in these equipment. When we were building pre-schools in 2013 (6 in total), we concentrated only on the buildings and toilets, as we had limited funds. All other 5 pre-schools that we built do not have any play equipment yet. Hopefully, we will be able to provide play equipment soon. The cost of the three play equipment is £875.

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