Another Cataract Surgery Camp funded by Solihull School

On 17th July 2016, a cataract surgery camp funded by Solihull Junior School was conducted in Mullaithivu. Eighty elderly and vulnerable patients benefitted from this camp. Head of Solihull Junior School, Mr Mark Penney, and his family joined us at this event. He was moved by the stories of the beneficiaries and was glad that he and his family were able to witness the benefits of their school’s donation. The surgeries were conducted by Dr Dias Jeyasiri, who has been providing a great service to the needy and vulnerable cataract patients. He has already voluntarily carried out more than 1000 surgeries that were funded by Assist RR in the north and east. The camp was organised by Vision 2020 and supported by Mullaithivu General Hospital. Assist RR would like to express its gratitude to Solihull Junior School for their donation, Dr Dias Jeyasiri for his selfless service to the mankind, Vision 2020 for their hard work in organising the camp and Mullaithivu GH for providing the necessary support for making the camp a successful one.

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