AssistRR Annual accounts to 30 Nov 2018

Our charity’s annual accounts to 30 Nov 2018 has been submitted and is published on our website:  Annual Accounts 2017-18. We apologise for the delay in submitting the account and sharing it with you. We are very happy to inform you that an anonymous retired medical practitioner from the UK donated £71,250.00 during this period for building hostels for boys and girls in Mallawi (Mullaitivu district). There are around 79 girls and 30 boys, who are learning at Mallawi Central college by staying in these hotels. Mallawi Central College serves many remote villages in the middle of jungles between A9 and Mannar in Mullaitivu District. Commuting from these villages to their secondary school in Mallawi is an arduous part of their schooling days. The contribution from the anonymous doctor is making a difference to nearly 100 children from this part of the world. He is still continuing to contribute towards the maintenance and expansion of these facilities. AssistRR on behalf of the local communities wish to express its gratitude to the Doctor for his generous and kind assistance. I will write more about this after the ceremonial opening of the boys hostel soon. Please note that his contributions also attracted 25% gift aid (£17,812.50)  from the UK government (in addition to his donations). We also spent nearly £30k on providing fishing equipment (boats, engines and nets) during this period to families, who have been resettling in their coastal villages. These families have been making a success of this livelihood support. Please note that Solihull Junior School Head master Mr Mark Penney and his wife Mrs Donna Penney made a significant contribution (nearly £50k) by walking 55 km in the UK.

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