A House for a Family in Mullivaikal by Assist RR & Anbaalayam

A house built using funds donated by Anbaalayam, Australia, for a destitute family of eight, who were living in a tent in Mullivaikal East, was handed over to the family on 30 May 2014. Assist RR can see from the 4th photo is only the face of the eldest girl (to the far left of the 4th photo in yellow Suridhar), but not the house constructed. Assist RR also donated clothes to the family for the handover ceremony. Assist RR noticed that the children are very happy, active and intelligent. Some of them may benefit from hostel education. Assist RR would like to thank Anbaalayam for their financial support for the construction of this house. Anbaalayam’s assistance is much appreciated.  This project proves that it is not impossible to help the needy.

DSC01613    DSC01616

DSC02692     SAMSUNG

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Sampoor and some of the Needs of Displaced People

During April/May 2014, Assist RR visited many remote villages in Trincomalee district including Sampoor. There are nearly 850 families still living in camps.  Assist RR visited Kunithivu and Sulaikuda, where 350 families were resettled recently, and saw the issues facing the recently resettled people. They also visited the school in the village, where two schools are currently functioning in a small building built by an INGO. People of Kunithivu and Sulaikuda are facing various difficulties in normalising their lives. Many houses are still without roofs and many are jobless.  When Assist RR spoke to the this villagers, they asked Assist RR to provide livelihood support. They also need support to rebuild their houses. Assist RR also met some residents of the welfare centre in Kaddaiparichan. Even though they have been struggling to survive, they asked Assist RR to help their children to learn.  There were two schools including Sampoor MV, which served this village before the war, and are now functioning temporarily in the hostel of Chenaiyur MV. Assist RR went back to Sampoor MV next day and provided exercise books and pens worth Rs 50,000 to O/L and A/L students. Desks and chairs suitable for primary school children are being used in these temporary schools for the secondary students, which create Knee Joint pain and make it very uncomfortable for them to learn. Assist RR believes that they should be helped by donating new desks and chairs. Assist RR also learnt that some of the A/L & O/L students, including 4 girls, have been walking to the school from Kunithivu, which is nearly 5 kms. Assist RR went back to Kunithivu and donated 10 bicycles to these students from Kunithivu.

   DSC02167   DSC02291 
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First In-Patient Ward at Puthukudiyiruppu Divisional Hospital was Declared Open on 07 May 2014

After 5 years since the end of the war in 2009, the first in-patient ward (medical), which was built by Assist RR, was declared open by Mr Vethanayagan, Mullaithivu GA, on 07 May 2014 at a simple ceremony attended by the hospital staff and local development society representatives. Assist RR initiated, managed and completed this ground floor of a two-storied ward complex project using funds raised by Assist RR and Serendip Children’s Home at a cost of around £30,000.  Assist RR has contributed nearly £20k and Serendip Children’s Home has contributed £10k through Keiran Arasaratnam’s long walk fund raising event in Sri Lanka. Assist RR also provided furniture to the ward and arranged medical equipment worth Rs 2.5 Million through Australian Medical Aid Foundation. Local residents appreciated the assistance provided by Assist RR and said that Assist RR has been helping the war affected people in Vanni in many ways, which also help them to forget the war, as traces of war are being removed by the infrastructure projects carried out by Assist RR.

   DSC02874   DSC02875
   DSC02905   DSC02937

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Please click here for “Athavan TV” news item on the opening ceremony

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Educational Development Needs in the East and Vanni‏

Members of Assist RR have been travelling between the districts of Kilinochchi and Amparai to carry out basic needs assessment. They have managed to cover many remote and elephant roaming villages including Koddaikaddiyakulam in Thunukkai, Sampoor in Trincomalee, number of colonies in Batticaloa and Alikambai in Amparai (Alikambai village has an interesting history and deserves a special report). Although people in these villages struggle for survival, their main requests have been to help their children to learn. Assist RR learnt that nearly 95% of children from these villages choose Arts/Commerce subjects due to science teacher shortages and their inability to have private tuitions to improve their knowledge of maths/science subjects. Please kindly read the attached full report below. The children from remote villages need to be helped. Assist RR believes that this is a serious issue and there will be consequences, if we do not help them now. Assisting the current generation would eventually help the future generation and improve their chances to succeed. Assist RR hope some of you would consider supporting helping these children and the 42 boys, who are boarded at Kalmunai St Mary’s Boys Home, as detailed below.

    DSC02502    DSC02176
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Re-Opening of Puthukkudiyiruppu RC Vidyalayam Building

This school is located in the vicinity of Puthukudiyiruppu hospital and was badly damaged during the war. It started functioning in September 2012 after the end of war. Currently, there are 445 students, from Year 1 to GCE O/L, learning here. The school infrastructure included a temporary shelter built by UNICEF, a permanent building recently built by Child Fund, and the badly damaged building, in which six classes were being conducted. Following Assist RR’s visit towards the end of Jan 2014 and appeal for funds to renovate this school building, a generous and kind-hearted Malaysian family with roots in Urumpirai pledged funds around Rs 2.2 Million to renovate this school building. Assist RR would like to thank the family for their kind support. Assist RR started the project in March 2014 and the school was re-opened by Mullaithivu GA, Mr Vethanayagan, on 22 April 2014 at a ceremony attended by Mr Navaneetharajah representing his family. Northern Provincial Education Director, Mr Selvarajah also attended the ceremony. The donors provided meals to all school children and to the guests at the re-opening ceremony at their expenses.

   PTK RC 01   DSC01979 

   DSC02105   DSC02073

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Click here for PTK RC School Opening Ceremony video

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Donating Solar Powered Lanterns and Clothes in Vanni

There are many villages in Mullaithivu district, which are not connected to the main grid for electricity supply, and students are struggling to learn using kerosene lamps due to their financial situation. It is estimated that a family needs to spend nearly Rs 22,000 per annum to use kerosene lamp.  When many families struggle to feed their children, kerosene is not their priority. This can be resolved by providing solar powered lamps, which would save money on kerosene and enable the children to learn at home in the evenings. Following Assist RR’s appeal, Anbaalayam and Tamil Engineers Foundation, both charitable organisations from Australia have provided funds to import 450 lamps from China. These lamps were distributed to villagers in Mullivaikal and Ambalavanpokkanai and to needy O/L & A/L students in remote areas of Thunukkai on 20/21 April 2014.  In addition to this, a second shipment of clothes was sent again in March 2014 after Assist RR collected them from kind hearted people in the UK. These clothes were distributed to nearly 75 families in Valayarmadam, which is located between Mullivaikal and Puthumathalan. People were very pleased to receive these clothes and thanked Assist RR, which has already started collecting more  clothes to be given to people of Puthumathalan.

   DSC01849   DSC01684

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Humanitarian Assistance by Assist RR in the East & North of Sri Lanka over the past One Year

Since the creation of  our charity in November 2012, and making our first fact finding mission to Vanni in March 2013, we have completed a number of projects worth £100k (Rs 21.1 Million) with funds raised by Assist RR in the areas of Education, Livelihood and Healthcare in the East and North. These projects have been implemented with the assistance of Mullaithivu District Educational Development Trust Fund headed by Mullaithivu GA, Mr Vethanayagan, and Assist RR’s Sri Lankan coordinator, Rotarian Henry Amalraj on a voluntary basis. Not even a single penny or cent was used on any overheads or expenses including travels to Sri Lanka by the trustees of Assist RR. Funds raised are used 100% on assisting the needy. Detailed reports on each project are given in this page of our website.  Two sets of photos are given below: one for the very first pre-school project completed in June 2013 in Mullivaikal East; the second set for the recently completed 8th school project in January 2014 in Mullivaikal West.  Please click the link below for full details.


     Mullivaikal West before Renovation 02DSC02374

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