PTK Hospital Medical Ward Projects – Update

Following our appeal for building the first floor paediatric ward at PTK hospital, Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF) and Dr Philomina Karthigesalingam responded positively and have managed to raise enough funds to start the project. The construction work has now started and expected to be completed by 20th Sept. Dr Philomina has successfully completed her sponsored walk on 29th June and managed to raise nearly £6000 including gift aid.  CHRF made an appeal to their friends and families and raised nearly £12,000. Assist RR would like to express its gratitude to CHRF and Dr Phil on behalf of people of PTK for their selfless efforts towards assisting people affected by the war. We are now confident that we will raise the necessary funds to build another male ward so that the hospital will have the basic facilities to cater for the thousands of families depend on it.

    photo 1 (1)   photo 2 (1)

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Sixth Cataract Surgery Camp Organised by Assist RR ‏

We are happy to inform that another cataract surgery camp organised by Assist RR and sponsored by Gods Own Children Foundation was successfully completed today (03/08/14) in Mannar. Surgeon, Dr Dias Jeyasiri, carried out surgeries to 98 patients single handed. The local eye doctor asked to convey the gratitude of the local people to the donors and organisers. He also mentioned that they already have another 200 patients on their waiting list. He is very keen to have another camp soon in Mannar. Assist RR will endeavour to fund and arrange another camp with the support of Vision 2020. Assist RR and people of East and North are indebted to Dr Dias for his selfless services to the vulnerable and poor patients. Dr Dias has now completed nearly 600 surgeries organised by Assist RR in the East and North of Sri Lanka. Assist RR also wish to express its gratitude for the financial support of Gods Own Children Foundation of Australia to this camp. Finally, we would like to thank Vision 2020, in particular Dr Asela Abeydeera, for their continued support in organising surgery camps in the East and North of Sri Lanka.

    mannar photos 8  mannar photos 4

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Dr Phil’s Sponsored Walk and PTK Hospital Ward Project

Dr Philomina Karthigesalingam’s has successfully completed her sponsored walk on 29th June and managed to raise nearly £6000 including gift aid.  This is a massive achievement by the consultant and should be applauded by all of us.  I would like to express our gratitude to Dr Phil on behalf of Assist RR and people of PTK for her selfless effort towards assisting our people affected by the war.  Dr Phil’s hard walk gave us the confidence that we can start thinking about the first floor ward that was needed to be built at PTK hospital on top of the ground floor ward that was built by Assist RR (please see attached photos). Assist RR also made a specific appeal for building the first floor ward on 26 June 2014. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF) responded positively and made an appeal amongst their friends and families.  They have received nearly £12,000 so far.  The construction work is now starting on Monday, 21st July, and expected to be completed by 20th Sept.

    DSC02856   PTK Ward 02

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A Corridor Linking the OPD and the New Ward at PTK

We would like to share another good news with you.  Further to our appeal on 30 May 2014, Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF), UK responded immediately to this appeal and pledged 66% of the cost of the corridor.  With CHRF’s support and Assist RR’s funds, we have now completed the construction of the corridor. Some photos of this corridor are given below. I would like to thank CHRF profoundly on behalf of Assist RR and the people of Puthukudiyiruppu for coming forward at the need of the hour and supported this project.  Especially, our sincere gratitude goes to Mrs Shantha Ganeshananthan of CHRF, for her selfless service to our unfortunate people back home. With the support of many kind hearted people and organisations, we can do a lot more to the needy back home.

Corridor 8    Corridor 5

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Donation of Exercise Books, Pens and Bicycles in Sampoor‏

Following our visit to Sampoor in early May 2014, we identified a number of needs and made an appeal to assist the unfortunate people of Sampoor, who were displaced in 2006 and around 4000 of them are still living in 4 welfare centres in and around Sampoor. One of the needs identified was helping the children with exercise books and bicycles. Following our appeal, Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, UK, immediately came forward and donated funds to purchase 2600 (200 pages each) exercise books, 550 pens and 5 bicycles. These items were handed over to nearly 450 children in 5 schools in Muthur district on 24 June 2014. The bicycles were given to five A/L girls at Sampoor MV. They walk from Kunithivu, which is nearly 4 kM away from Kaddaiparichan, where Sampoor MV is now temporarily functioning. On behalf of the people of Sampoor and Assist RR, we would like to thank Children’s Hunger Relief Fund for coming forward following our appeal to help the children of Sampoor. There are still more needs in Sampoor, as identified in the link below. We hope other individuals/organisations will come forward to help these people.

Ex Books Donation 00 Sampoor MV   Ex Books Donation 01 Iynkaran Vidyalayam
Ex Books Donation 12 Sampoor MV   Ex Books Donation 15 Al HairiaPlease click here for full details

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An Appeal to Build a First Floor Ward at PTK Hospital

We are sure you remember a ward that was built by Assist RR at Puthukudiyiruppu hospital. This ward is currently being used as female and paediatric medical ward. It has already started to over flow and patients are sleeping on the floor. The hospital has no medical ward for male patients and they are still using the beds in the OPD area. The ward built by Assist RR is capable of having another floor that can be used as a paediatric ward or a male ward until another ward is built. However, we are struggling to raise funds to build the first floor ward at a cost of around £22k (includes furniture). People affected by the war need our help to improve their standard of living. We, the Diaspora Tamils, are fortunate enough to help these people. I am sure many of us can afford at least £1. There are many organisations around the globe who can also contribute. It is not impossible. Please kindly share this with your friends and also consider either donating or raising funds amongst your friends and family.

You can donate between £1 & £10 by sending a text ARRT01£? to 70070 to donate to this project and make a difference to PTK Hospital. Please insert an amount between 1 – 10 where the “?” is in the text message. Alternatively, please visit the website below for donating more than £10. A lady doctor, Phil Karthigesalingam, is walking 100 kM non-stop this weekend to raise funds for the same cause. Please help……..

PTK Ward 02   PTK Ward 04

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Eyesight restored to 108 Patients in Mullaithivu on 15/06/14

A cataract surgery camp, organised by Assist RR with the support of Vision 2020 and sponsored by Enlightenment Circle, an arm of Saiva Munnetta Sangam, a registered charity in the UK, was completed on 15 June 2014. Vision 2020 confirmed that they have restored eyesight to 108 patients at this camp. Dr Dias Jayasiri, the eye surgeon, who is now attached to Matara hospital, volunteered again to perform these surgeries single handed. We are pleased to inform that Dr Dias has now assisted nearly 500 patients to gain vision in the North and East through Assist RR. Vision 2020 has promised to carry out another two camps: one in Mannar; another in Mullaithivu within a few months. Assist RR would like to thank Enlightenment Circle for their support and funds to the camp in Mullaithivu and Vision 2020 for organising this camp to help the vulnerable in the North. In particular, we would like to thank Dr Dias for his selfless service to the needy in the East and North.  His willingness to travel from Matara to the North shows his dedication to help the needy.

IMG_0348   IMG_0320

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