Valigamam Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Chunnagam

Assist RR has been assisting innocent victims of the war in the North and East of Sri Lanka since 2012. Although we focussed our efforts in Vanni, in particular Mullaithivu, we carried out many assistances from Mannar in the North to Amparai in the East. However, we always formed the opinion that there were no major issues in Jaffna except Vadamarachchi East. We now admit that we were wrong to form this opinion and we have neglected thousands of people, who were displaced from Valigamam North and have been living in 22 camps for the past 25 years. It appears that not many of us are aware the plight of these unfortunate people, who have been living in very pathetic condition after losing their livelihoods. Remember 25 years in these camps, but we escaped and live in comfort. Please read the link below and watch a few minutes video taken in these camps.

Valigamam Internally Displaced People - A document

Valigamam Internally Displaced People in Chunnagam - A video link

   DSC03345   DSC03346       DSC03338   DSC03340

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Resettlement of Sampoor Internally Displaced People

Further to our appeal towards the end of May to assist Sampoor IDP, we would like to provide an update on the above. We made a visit to Sampoor last week to reassess the situation following the recent court case against resettlement. Although resettlement of IDP families was imminent at the time of our appeal, it has now stalled due to a case by the investing company at the Supreme Court.  It appears that a decision will not be made in the near future. In the mean time, our visit has highlighted the needs of already resettled nineteen families in the area.  They are living there without basic facilities such as toilets, drinking water, shelters, etc. We would like to suggest that we spend the funds raised so far for this purpose.  Helping these families would encourage more IDP families to return to their lands. Funds remaining and further raised would be utilised when resettlement of other families begins. The needs are huge.  Please kindly read the link below that provides more details on Sampoor IDP and support our efforts to assist the innocent victims of war, who have been in camps since 2006.

Resettlement of Sampoor IDP

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Surrey Tamil Community donated 100 sets of desks and chairs to Sampoor Maha Vidyalayam in Trincomale

Further to Assist RR’s appeal for assisting displaced people of Sampoor, Surrey Tamil Community (STC) came forward to assist Sampoor MV and donated 100 sets of desks and chairs to the school. People of Sampoor were displaced in 2006 due to the war and are still living in four welfare centres around Sampoor. Two Sampoor schools including Sampoor MV are functioning in the hostel of Chenaiyur MV. These two schools have been using damaged and unsuitable furniture that were borrowed from other schools. When Assist RR visited these schools last year, the pathetic conditions were visible to the trustees and made an appeal for assistance. STC has now raised funds amongst their members and donated £2050 towards this (see photos below showing conditions before and after the donation on 11/03/15). Assist RR, on behalf of Sampoor displaced people, would like to express its gratitude to STC members, who contributed to this kind donation as follows:

a) Kandiah Family (Via S Thayaparan)          £1250.00
b) Mr M Kumar                                                   £187.50
c) Dr T Gowripalann                                           £187.50
d) Mr K Karunaharan                                         £125.00
d) Mr N Ravindran                                             £125.00
e) Dr A Maheetharan                                         £100.00
f) Mr B Elangco                                                    £75.00

   DSC02261   DSC02257

   IMGP3340   IMGP3314

Please click here for the video link of the handing over ceremony

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Providing roofs over heads in Vanni

A house construction that was funded by an anonymous generous Malaysian Tamil had been completed and the house was handed over to the beneficiary by Mullaithivu GA Mr Vethanayagan on 07 March 2015. Photos of of their earlier temporary shelter and the current new house are attached. This proves that it is not impossible to assist the needy people back home.  Assist RR would like to thank the Malaysian philanthropist for his kind support to build this house and Mr Kana Thurairajah for his continued support to help the needy people affected by the war in Vanni. Although there are housing schemes in the north and east for the war affected people, such as the Indian scheme, there are many families who are not included in the scheme due to the enormity of the need for permanent houses. If you, your friends and/or families were interested in helping the families, who live in temporary shelters in very difficult conditions, please contact us. We are building these houses at very reasonable prices due to the supervision of our friends, who are working in Vanni as engineers.
IMGP3261    IMGP3265
Marimuththu Muththusamy Housing 3
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Ceremonial Opening of PTK Hospital Ward Complex

The ward complex at Puthukudiyiruppu that was built by Assist RR with the support of Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF), Serendip Children’s Home and Dr Philomina Karthigesalingam was ceremonially opened jointly by the Governor of Northern Province, Mr H M G S Palihakkara and the Chief Minister Mr C V Wigneswaran on 05 March 2015.  During this ceremony, medical equipment and furniture funded by UK Medical Institute of Tamils (MIOT) were also handed over to the paediatric ward.  MIOT donated £830o for this purpose.  Assist RR and CHRF have decided to build another ward for male patients, who are still using the OPD area for their stay.  Mr H M G S Palihakkara and Mr C V Wigneswaran also laid foundation for this male ward after the opening ceremony.  Assist RR would like to express its gratitude to CHRF, Serendip, MIOT and Dr Phil on behalf of people of PTK for their selfless efforts towards assisting people affected by the war.  Assist RR with the support of various organisations and individuals has so far spent nearly £75,000 to improve the facilities at this hospital.

DSC02971   DSC02982

DSC02986   DSC03000

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Emergency Relief to Flood Affected People in the East

புனர் வாழ்வும் புது வாழ்வும் (ARR) அமைப்பானது, அண்மையில் நடந்த வெள்ள அனர்த்தத்தால் மிகவும் பாதிப்புக்குள்ளான மக்களுக்கான அவசரகால உடனடி தேவைகளை பூர்த்தி செய்வதற்கு உதவிகளை நாடிநின்றபோது, மலேசிய TAMIL FORUM ஒரு மில்லியன் ரூபாயை கொடையாக அன்பளித்திருந்தார்கள். மேலும் பிரித்தானியாவில் இயங்கும் CHILDREN’S HUNGER RELIEF FUND ஆனது ரூபாய் 435000 யை உடனடி தேவைகருதிய பொருள் வளங்கலுக்காக நன்கொடை செய்துள்ளார்கள். ARR தற்போது தனது நண்பர்களிடமும் குடும்பங்களிடமும் தத்தமது பங்களிப்பை நாடி நிற்கின்றது.

இந்த முயற்சியில் ARR ஏற்கனவே கல்முனை ROTARY CLUB இனது உதவியுடன் கிழக்கு மாகணத்தில் உடனடி தேவிகளுக்கான பொருட்கள் அடங்கிய பொதிகளை விநியோகித்து வருகின்றது. எமது இலங்கை ஒருங்கிணப்பாளர் HENRY AMELRAJH அவர்களும் தொண்டர்களும் முற்று முழுதாக வெள்ள பெருக்கெடுப்பால் தனிமைப்படுத்தப்பட்ட பிரதேசமான கல்முனைக்கு அண்மையில், THIRAVANTHIYAMEDU க்கு சென்று 70 குடும்பங்களுக்கு பொதிகளை வழங்கியிருந்தார்கள். மேலும் இந்த பொதிகள், கிட்டங்கி ஆற்றின் கீள்பக்கத்திலுள்ள சவளக்கடை D S DIVISION இல் மிகவும் படு மோசமாக பாதிப்புக்குள்ளான 130 குடும்பங்களுக்கும், மட்டக்களப்பிலுள்ள 300 குடும்பங்களுக்கும் சென்ற புதன்கிழமை கொடுக்கப்பட்டன. HENRY தனது தொண்டர்கள் குழுவினருடன் வெள்ளிக்கிழமை 02/01/15 திருகோணமலையில் உள்ள சம்பூர் கிராமத்துக்கு இந்த அவசரதேவை கருதிய பொருட்கள் அடங்கிய 600 பொட்டலங்களை விநியோகித்தனர்.

இங்கே ஆயிரத்திற்கும் மேற்பட்ட குடும்பங்கள் 2006ம் ஆண்டு யுத்த காரணமாக இடம்பெயர்ந்து தற்காலிக கூடாரங்களில் வசித்து வருகிறார்கள். இந்த வெள்ள அனர்த்தத்தால் மீண்டும் இடம்பெயர்ந்து பாடசாலைகளில் தற்போது குடியமர்த்தப்பட்டுள்ளார்கள். மேலும் சில இடங்களிலே பாதிப்படைந்த மக்களுக்கு உதவிகள் சென்றடையவே முடியாத நிலையில் கடந்த 10 தினங்களாக உணவுக்கே திண்ட்டாடும் நிலை இருப்பதாக அறிந்துள்ளோம். இந்த உடனடி தேவைகருதிய பொருட்கள் அடங்கிய ஒரு பொட்டலம் ரூபாய் 1000 மட்டுமே செலவாகிறது. உங்கள் பங்களிப்பு எத்தொகையானாலும் நாம் அதை இத்தருணம் பெறுமதி மிக்கவையாக கருதிகிறோம்.

Further to the appeal of Assist Resettlement & Renaissance (ARR) to help people affected by the recent flooding in the East, Tamil Forum (Malaysia) Berhad came forward and donated Rs 1 Million. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, a UK based charity, also donated Rs 435,000 towards providing emergency relief supplies.  ARR is currently raising funds amongst its friends and families to contribute to this effort. ARR with the assistance of Kalmunai Rotary Club has already started distributing emergency relief items in the East. Our SL coordinator Henry Amalraj, and volunteers, visited Thiravanthiyamedu, near Kalmunai, which was isolated by the flood, and distributed emergency relief items to 70 families.  Rotary Club had to get the assistance of the navy to visit this village by boat. Emergency relief items were also provided to 130 badly affected families living downstream of Kittangi River at Chavalakkadai D.S Division, in Kalmunai and to another 300 families in Batticaloa on Wednesday. Henry is taking a team of volunteers with emergency relief items to 600 families in Sampoor, Trincomale on Friday. These families, who were displaced from their homes in 2006 due to war, have been living in temporary shelters, which have now been flooded and are accommodated in schools.  We understand that there are still areas where relief supplies never got through and that affected people have been struggling for food for the past ten days.  A parcel consisting of emergency relief items costs only Rs 1000. Any contributions would be much appreciated.

    Photo 2   Photo 16       Photo 311214 14    Photo 311214 07

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An appeal to assist Flood affected People in the East‏

Further to our appeal to assist flood affected people in the east, we have received support from Tamil Forum Malaysia to assist the affected people. We, the fortunate in the UK and Europe, can do more to help the affected people, who haven’t still recovered from the war. In the past, I visited a camp in Sampoor, where many displaced families have been living in very pathetic conditions since 2006. I attach some photos of their living condition before the flooding. A Tamilnet article below shows the flooded condition of this camp.  It is really sad that they have to go through all these hardship since 2006 as a result of the war. Can we please help these unfortunate people as well as people in Batticaloa district?
    DSC02284    DSC02291
    Kaddaiparichchaan_IDP_camps_flooded_01    Kaddaiparichchaan_IDP_camps_flooded_02
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