Eye Clinics and Cataract Surgery Camps in Vanni

AssistRR conducted a number of eye clinics in Jaffna and Vanni in 2013. In these clinics, AssistRR was able to help patients with various eye problems such as Glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes and corneal ulcers. Following these clinics, AssistRR conducted a cataract surgery camp in June 2013 in Mannar for nearly 100 patients. This was jointly funded by friends of AssistRR in Australia, Gods Own Children Foundation. AssistRR is organising another cataract surgery camp in Mannar for nearly 150 patients and raising funds for another camp in Mullaithivu.

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A documentary on Projects Completed by AssistRR in Vanni

AssistRR made a documentary of the needs in Vanni and of the projects completed by them.  The documentary shows the desperate living conditions of people in areas such as Mullivaikal and Mathalan, where the war ended in May 2009.  It also contains the opening ceremony of Mullivaikal East Chandran Pre-Scool, a cataract surgery camp for 110 patients in Mannar, books donation to Ambalavan Pokkanai Primary school library, and livelihood assistance to a number of families in Mathalan and Pokkanai.  A must watch documentary:

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Visit to Vanni by Assist RR Chairman in June 2013

When the Chairman visited the pre-school in Mullivaikal East, he met some of the locals and also witnessed their desperate living conditions. The houses have no roofs and they have no toilets.  They told Chairman that they, including all ages of women, have to go to nearby bushes for their toilet needs during early morning dark time.  There are nearly 50 families who live around this school.  Chairman agreed to build two toilets within the school compound that can be used by the local villagers and made arrangements for its completion by 10 June 2013.

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